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The Art of Conducting A Productive Meeting

Running meetings is one of the most important skills for a board president or a committee chair. It is disconcerting to observe at the prevalent lack of simple understanding of how to run a productive meeting. Bad meeting dynamics often cause loss of interest by many potentially active board members and prevent the kind of cohesion that a nonprofit board needs.

James P. Reber believes that this is a bigger problem than most organizations recognize and yet a problem that is easily solved. It is not solved by having a Parliamentarian or a copy of Robert's Rules of Order on hand at meetings, especially if people are just plain disinterested. Mr. Reber offers a basic class in meeting dynamics that takes a few hours of time and really improves meetings.

To be certain, some may want more training than that, but the basic training is not too time-consuming and it is best taght to a group opf people, since everyone helps make a meeting work - not just the president or chair.

I had to learn Robert's Rules when I was in high school, so I understand the formal way things work. Yet, most people prefer informality in meetings and use Rules as a safety net when things get sticky. A better way is to understand the agreement that takes place between any group of people to conduct any meeting it is a simple compact involving fairness and honesty but it can also include efficiency, which Is what I teach. James P. Reber

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