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The Board Member Pledge:
6 Principles of Successful Board Membership

I am often asked what it takes for a Board member to be productive and for a Board, as a group, to succeed. Given that every nonprofit is different, it can be confusing. In my three decades of work, however, these six principles are the bedrock foundation of a successful Board and a productive Board member. If each and every board member recited these six principles and actually tried to live up to them, every nonprofit organization would be very successful! James P. Reber

The Board Member Pledge:

1. Mission. Everything begins with the Mission. I will know, understand, and believe in the mission and direct all of my actions to support it.

2. Action. I will act upon my belief in the mission. I will attend meetings, and I will actively participate in committees and all activities that are required of a board member.

3. Leadership. I will make a leadership donation to set an example for others and I will do everything in my power to make certain that 100% of the board members also give.

4. Resources. I will actively help develop resources, including soliciting financial contributions, in-kind donations, and selling tickets to special events. I will use my special skills and connections to the community to support the organization.

5. Standards. I will actively participate in establishing and maintaining the highest standards for the board. I will actively help the board to be self-governing, to be self-sustaining, and to periodically assess itself.

6. Responsibilities. I will take my role and the role of the board seriously in three key areas of board responsibility: hiring an Executive Director, determining general policies, and passing a budget annually.

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Please feel free to distribute this Pledge, but leave my name and information attached to it. I would really appreciate any feedback you may have on its use and value to your organization. james@jamesreber.com

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